Feel that? The gentle breezes drifting through the trees and the warm sun filling the air? This time of the year always makes me crave a nice chilled rosé with some fresh fruit and a soft goat cheese. So, over the weekend I pulled out the rosé wine pitcher that a friend in France sent to me. What makes this pitcher so suited for rosé wine? Well, for starters, the size; it's the perfect size for a full bottle, with more room if I wanted to make a sangria. But what makes this pitcher is the reservoir in the center for holding ice, which keeps the wine cool.

I searched and searched and I simply could not find an online source for this type of pitcher. While this Le Creuset sangria pitcher doesn't have the ice reservoir, the stoneware does stay cold for a long time when pre-chilled.

Regardless of whether you have the same pitcher as I do or not, the sentiment is the same: enjoy these beautiful Spring days with some nice chilled wine, seasonal fruits, and a nice goat cheese. Relax, appreciate the newness and freshness of the plants around you, take in the birds and butterflies, breathe in and out, and enjoy!

EDIT 5/6/2010:

I found a few pitchers with ice containers!

The Wine Enthusiast Chilling Carafe with Ice Sleeve - $39.93 (my friend Brenna pointed me to this one.)
Bormioli Rocco Samoa Samoa Pitcher with Ice Container - $14.95
Bormioli Rocco Kufra Glass Jug with Ice Container and Lid - $12.99
Bormioli Rocco Kufra Pitcher with Ice Container - $10.95

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(Image: Kathryn Hill)