It's Casserole Week at The Kitchn!

In the last week of our month of Healthy Comfort Food, we're turning to everyone's favorite hot dish: The casserole. Gratins, buckles, slumps, shroops, tians, and bakes — they're all on the table this week. The oven can really work magic on simple, seasonal ingredients (no canned soups here!), making them more than the sum of their parts. That's the sort of recipe we have for you this week. We also have the five winners of our Best Healthy Casseroles recipe contest, and a few recipes from my own new book, Not Your Mother's Casseroles . So tell us, what else would you like to see this week?

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(Images: Nealey Dozier; Faith Durand)

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Faith is the executive editor of The Kitchn and the author of three cookbooks. They include Bakeless Sweets (Spring 2013) as well as The Kitchn's first cookbook, which will be published in Fall 2014. She lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband Mike.