It's Back To School (and Work) Week at The Kitchn

August is winding down (boy, this month went fast!) and this is the week when many people go back to school, and to work, too. We're going to talk about lunches all week, as well as meals that can be prepped ahead of time. This is the time of year to stash some homemade tomato sauce in the freezer, or to prep something nourishing for breakfast at the beginning of the week. Are you going back to school, or to work? What would you like to talk about this week?

What would be helpful to you, as you head back to school and work this week? More snack recipes? Ideas for healthy lunches? Quick dinners?

Pictured above:
Most Elegant Lunch Box Ever? Jenggala Rantang
Spiced Chickpeas with Anardana
Copycat Recipe: DIY Nutri-Grain Fruit and Nut Bars

(Images: Jenggala; Emily Ho; Emma Christensen)

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