Tex - by Raw Edges for Mutina.

On my short jaunt last week to CERSAIE, the massive European tile show, I saw plenty of gorgeous understated tile. But the designs that really left an impression were more colorful and geometry-inspired — especially the new designs by Patricia Urquiola for luxury tile maker Mutina. Here's a peek at this lovely stuff!

• 1 Tex - by Raw Edges for Mutina.
• 2 Tex - These tiles are simple but with a lot of potential.
• 3 Tex - Laid out in some configurations they are delightfully three-dimensional.
• 4 Azulej - by Patricia Urquiola for Mutina.
• 5 Azulej - This line of tiles is a richly patterned set of designs that can be laid out in carpetlike combinations.

• 6 Azulej - One of my favorite combos.
• 7 Azulej - And a favorite among the tile designs.
• 8 Cottovietri - Scandinavian-inspired designs from Cottovietri.
• 9 Appiani - Wild designs in glass and metallic mosaics.
• 10 Cotto Etrusco - A wall-spanning tile installation, colorful and bright.

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(Images: Faith Durand)