Is This a Puppy or a Bagel?

Is This a Puppy or a Bagel?

Ariel Knutson
Mar 11, 2016
(Image credit: Karen Zack)

This week Twitter was obsessed with one important question: Can you tell the difference between a dog and some random food item? There's the image you see above, which is a bunch of puppies and some bagels, but then there was also a series of labradoodles next to fried chicken, and then a chihuahua and a blueberry muffin.

Can you really tell the difference?

(Image credit: Karen Zack)

The genius behind this important dog series is Karen Zack, or @teenybiscuit on Twitter. She asks simple questions about our ability to differentiate between certain objects (like food) and an animal. Zack told Food & Wine that "I've been making these animal and food comparison tweets for a while. After the first one my brain just kept looking for possible matches."

The first one Zack did was back in November where she complied a bunch of images of ducks and plantains. The dog series that she started last week, however, was where the true magic began.

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