Is It OK for Older Pans to Have a Patina?

Is It OK for Older Pans to Have a Patina?

Faith Durand
Oct 21, 2009

Q: Should baking pans be spotless or should they have the patina of use?

As you can see, the cups are clean and ready for batter, but the rest of the pan shows evidence of numerous muffin/cupcake batches. There are no old, dried bits of batter on the pan, just the golden goodness of a well-loved pan.

Sent by Grace

Editor: Grace, lots of our pans have a similar patina, and we've never found it to interfere with how food cooks. Sometimes, though, that patina (which we think is mostly composed of baked on oils) does feel a little sticky to the touch. We've found that some steel wool and scrubbing will take it off, if you want to remove it.

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(Image: Grace via The Fall Kitchen Cure)

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