Interweb Cookery: The New Farmers

Before we can cook it, someone has to grow it. 

In this documentary-in-the-making by Severine von Tschamer Fleming, meet The Greenhorns, the next generation of America's organic, small scale-farmers. View the trailer and more information below the jump.

Today's farmers are battling a slew of problems and issues born of modern life: urban encroachment, GMO's, peak oil, farm bill issues. and environmental contamination, just to name a few. This is above and beyond the usual farming challenges such as weather, pests, and the vagaries of the marketplace. In my view, anyone who takes up a spade in the name of safe, affordable and sustainable food needs our attention and support!

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Visit The Greenhorn website to find out more about the film and how to donate. Stay current on their activities through their blog, The Irresistible Fleet of Bicycles. The Greenhorns have also started a new database project called Serve Your Country Food.

(Images: The Greenhorns)

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