Integral Yoga Natural Foods

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Despite years of shopping at natural foods markets, years of practicing yoga, and years of living in NYC, I'd never been to the Integral Yoga Natural Foods shop on West 13th Street until this week.

I was lured in by the sight of several very healthy looking folk sitting on a bench outside sipping green and orange and brown looking drinks from clear plastic cups, and glowing. The sun was shining, the trees were in bloom, and there was peace everywhere - at least on that block of 13th Street.

So I entered... and was wow'd by the selection, quality, and prices of the produce, dairy department, and everything in between. They have umpteen kinds of grains, a zillion items available in bulk (we've heard reports of addictive non-sulphured dried apples), and the juice bar will even juice your own produce (pay first!) for only $2 - what a deal! This is not your average flakey health food store.

Although it's almost that time of year when we advocate getting as much shopping done as possible at the Greenmarket, Integral seems like a great alternative, and the place to stock up on staples.

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