Inspiration: What Andrew Zuckerman Trusts

What do you trust and how does that influence and inspire your life? Filmmaker-photographer Andrew Zuckerman trusts, among other things, his butcher, his favorite restaurant and a grocery store. In other words, Mr. Zuckerman is a lucky man because he trusts and is inspired by those who feed him. And he shares these relationships with us in three beautiful short films, linked below the jump.

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Anthroplogie has a fun project up on their sister website called the ANTHROPOLOGiST, an online venue that reveals the passions and pursuits of visionaries like director Jane Campion and photographer David Eustace. In particular, we're captivated by a series of short films curated by Andrew Zuckerman called 'Trust.' Here we find artists and wise elders and yes, a grocery store owner and his son.

We highly recommend you take a little break this afternoon and spend some time getting to know Mr. Zuckerman's favorite butchers at Fleisher's in upstate New York, the owners of his favorite restaurant Locanda Vini e Olii, and the family that runs the Italian import store Buon Italia in Chelsea Market.

Visit Trust by Andrew Zuckerman to view the films.

The Anthropologie project is curated by Andrew Zuckerman, and the videos, from which these screen shots are taken, are produced by Late Night and Weekends and directed by Chiara Clemente.

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