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My own personal knowledge of the different styles of Italian noodles tends towards the basic. Spaghetti, check. Lasagna, check. Macaroni, check. Funghini — wait, what? Remember this pasta guide from earlier in the week? Well, here's another. This infographic is a great way to learn the ins and the outs of those crazy shapes. How well do you know your pasta?

The folks over at Charming Italy have made a giant (seriously) graphic of all sorts of different pasta. It works like many other infographics (and Choose Your Own Adventure books): you start with what you know and it guides you through the rest.

Want to test your pasta knowledge? Click on the graphic below to see the full-size version. Although you probably won't hang it in your kitchen, it's still a great resource for all those funky names and crazy little shapes.

See It Full Size: What Kind Of Pasta Is On My Plate from Charming Italy

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(Image: Charming Italy)