Innovative Spice Storage Solution: Hang Drawer Organizers On Your Pantry Wall

I admit that my spice storage is a mess right now. The bottles are not stored so much as piled together in a corner in my pantry. (Ugh.) Here's one solution that could work, though, and it's really smart: hang wire mesh drawer organizers (or pencil holders, depending on what you want to call them) on the wall!

This super smart idea comes from Ashley of the blog Domestic Imperfection. She found her mesh holders at The Container Store and screwed a bunch of them into the wall in her pantry, top to bottom. She notes that normal-sized drawer organizers are too long, but the ones she found at The Container Store were the perfect size. (She also recommends these mesh bins.)

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What a great way to make use of every available inch, too! Do you have an innovative way you store your spices? Tell us about it!

(Image credits: Domestic Imperfection)