Ingredient Spotlight: Watermelon Radish

It's the season for root vegetables, and one of my favorites is the colorful watermelon radish. Green on the outside and pink on the inside, it adds some color to my salads, is pretty to look at, and is yummy!

It's a bit milder and sweeter than regular radishes, and much larger; they average about three inches in diameter. Watermelon radishes can be braised or roasted like a turnip, or mashed like a rutabaga, but I personally hate to cook them because it causes them to lose their beautiful colors, so I prefer to serve them raw in a salad or in a veggie plate with some dip. Watermelon radishes can also be pickled.

Watermelon radishes are a heirloom variety of daikon radishes and originated in China where it is called shinrimei.

A few years ago I only saw these at the farmer's markets, but now I am seeing them in regular grocery stores.

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(Image: Kathryn Hill)