Ingredient Spotlight: Purple Sweet Potatoes

These potatoes sent us on a bit of a ride. You see, they were labeled as yams at the farmers' market and a fellow shopper told us they were ube, as purple yams are known in the Philippines. So we bought them with the intention of making halayang ube, a Filipino jam. But after a bit of research, we discovered they are actually Japanese, or Okinawan, sweet potatoes. (Even more confusingly, these potatoes aren't really native to Japan but rather the Americas!) Now ... what should we do with them?

Simply steamed, the potatoes have a mildly sweet, nutty flavor. And the color is quite amazing! Here are a few recipe ideas we've found:

Gnocchi: Purple Yam Gnocchi, from Burnt Lumpia
Mash: Mashed Okinawan Purple Sweet Potatoes, from Wandering Chopsticks
Chips: Hawaiian Purple Sweet Potato Chips, from SJ Gourmet
Soup: Purple Sweet Potatoes Dessert Soup, from Juicy Fresh Bites
Dessert: Okinawa Sweet Potato Tarts, from Buko Pandan

Have you ever cooked with purple sweet potatoes?

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(Image: Emily Ho)

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Emily Han (formerly Emily Ho) is a writer, recipe developer and educator on topics such as food preservation, wild food and herbalism. She is author of Wild Drinks and Cocktails (Fall 2015), co-founder of Food Swap Network and creator of Miss Chiffonade