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There's a stand at the New Amsterdam Market in New York City I visit every Sunday that sells flavored salts, olive oils, and vinegars. I always taste the exotic flavored salts and recently brought some home to try. They're great! Have you used flavored salts?
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The Filling Station, a New York-based retailer, sells a sophisticated variety of salts at the market that are so good I often find myself snacking on them straight from the jar. Flavored salts act as culinary double duty ingredients and with flavors like ghost chilli, thai ginger and smoked alderwood, the Filling Station offers enough variety to keep you experimenting for months.

Jamie Oliver is a big fan of flavored salt and recommends using them to enhance a fresh tomato salad and fried foods like french fries or tempura. I love sprinkling the thai ginger salt over tofu and on top of ricotta and goat cheese for a simple appetizer served with honey. They also make a great and easy DIY holiday gift.

Have you ever made your own flavored salt?

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