Handy Infographic: Brewing Coffee Without a Coffee Maker

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No coffee maker? No problem! You don't even need a grinder or a means of heating water according to the methods in this fun and helpful infographic from Tonx. MacGyver would be proud. 

We're generally wary of infographics-as-marketing-devices, and this one comes from Tonx, a coffee subscription service. However, it's worth a closer look, especially if you find yourself desperate situation — while traveling, perhaps, or at the home of a non-coffee-drinking relative (the horror!). You may or may not end up with your finest brew, but you'll certainly get your caffeine fix. 

Have you tried any of these methods, or do you have another clever trick to share? (If so, you might want to submit it to Tonx's Coffee Hacks contest, which is running through May 12!) 

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→ See it full size: How to Brew Coffee Without a Coffee Maker at Tonx (via Gizmodo

(Images: Tonx)

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