A Helpful Infographic for Summer Grilling: Where Food Goes on the Grill

Food Republic

Everyone loves a good infographic - it's just easier to remember things once you have a good image in your mind. Grilling can be especially tricky if you're not familiar with how the fire actually helps, so this illustration will help.

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This illustration from Spencer Matern for Food Republic is a helpful guide to the best spots to place food on a grill. What? You mean we don't just toss things on when it's hot and take them off when they're charred slightly? Not if you want them to cook perfectly and retain the best texture possible! In short, there is direct and indirect heat. This not only goes for charcoal, but many gas grills as well. Instead of lighting all your burners, turn all but one on and let it be your indirect grilling location. Your food will thank you and so will your tummy.

Do you abide by the grilling law illustrated above? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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(Image: Food Republic)

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