Influenza Sorbet, Ginger Applesauce Cake, & Brown Butter

This Time Last Year

A year ago this week we had some good tips on browning butter, making soup, and preserving wine. We also had a gorgeous Scandinavian cabinet, and a site where you can watch Food Network shows in full online. Read on for these posts and more from this time last year.

Posts pictured above are in bold below.

Choc-mallow wheels.

• How to brown butter.

10 things I love from my mother's kitchen.

• Looking for: Multi-purpose drinking glasses.

• How to build a cabinet out of IKEA VARDE units.

Whiskey old-fashioneds.

• A tour of Grand Central Market.

• How do I keep veggies crisp in the fridge?

• Cool treat for sore throats: Influenza sorbet.

Ginger applesauce cake!

• How to preserve wine.

Amazing design concepts for the kitchen — from silly to sensible.

DIY recipes from The Kitchn.

• Five small kitchens from This Old House and a lovely Scandinavian cabinet.

Spaghetti with mascarpone, Meyer lemon, spinach, and hazelnuts.

• Watch full episodes of Food Network shows online.

• Soup! Create your own soup recipe, and 15 tips for better soups.

• Last year's Jumpstart projects: How to make storage out of wine crates, and how to refinish laminate countertops.

• Full archive from this week last year.

Previous Year Ago Lookback: Are $15 Tomatoes Worth It? Plus Kenyan Food & The Claw

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