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One of the biggest reasons people give for not cooking at home is that they just don’t have the time. Certainly, quick meal ideas and time-saving tips are some of the most often talked about subjects on this site. Today we thought we’d look at it from a different angle - what ends up taking you the most time in the kitchen?

We often find that those quick 30-minute-meals either don’t factor in all the time-sapping moments that go into a meal or they count on everyone working at the exact same speed.

In reality, there’s grocery shopping, prepping the ingredients, finicky stoves, interruptions, and kitchen clean-up that all tack on extra minutes. It might take one person two minutes to chop an onion while another person takes ten. Sometimes we forget to pre-heat the oven or set water to boil, and then spend extra minutes waiting around.

Is there something - some task or bit of prep work - that you find always takes you longer than you (or the recipe) think it should? Maybe we can help!

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