In Praise of a Favorite Mug

Most of us have a favorite mug we automatically reach for, whether it’s the first bleary cup of the day or a quick afternoon pick-me-up. This one is mine. It’s a lovely, sturdy stoneware mug, handmade by Occidental, CA potter Barbara Hoffman. I’ve had it for about three years and I dread the inevitable day when I shall accidentally drop it and it will be gone forever. So in anticipation of that, I try to remember to appreciate it while I can.

What’s you’re favorite mug and why?

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What makes a cup a favorite cup? Sometimes, it’s just purely by default. Months of unconsciously continuous use creates a deep identification and eventually no one but you is allowed to use that cup. Ever. Other times, it might be for sentimental reasons--it belonged to someone special, or came from a place or time you want to remember.

Here’s what I love about mine: it holds a large cup of tea and feels warm and smooth when I cup my hands around it. It’s pretty in an earthy, semi-hippie way, yet has elegant lines and soothing colors. Most importantly, it has a well balanced and comforting handle that feels up-to-the-task of safely lifting a full cup of hot tea to my lips.

Barbara Hoffman/Occidental Pottery

(Image: Dana)

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