In June We Eat Outside

FINALLY. We are eating outside. Those of you in climates like mine here in New York know what I mean when I say finally. The rest of you probably enjoy eating outside all the time, but for those of us just getting glimpses of summer, June is when we go outdoors. And for those of us cooks with some outdoor space at home, it means cooking and eating outdoors.

This month, all the Apartment Therapy sites, including us here at The Kitchn, are asking readers to tell us about their outdoor life. I'm particularly interested in how you are eating, cooking, or growing food outdoors this summer.

Have you spruced up a patio with a little table, or set up a grill? Maybe you've been doing this for a long time and you have a full outdoor dining room! Or perhaps you're just getting started with a window garden.

Show us!

In the meantime, let's talk picnics!

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