7 Important Songs About Pizza

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Pizza is undeniably one of the most wonderful foods on the planet, and lot of people have recognized its virtues in music. What follows are some of my favorite songs inspired by pizza. There are seven songs, one for every day of the week. Happy Monday! 

1. Gimme Pizza (Slowed Down) - Mary Kate and Ashely Olsen (First video, above) - Without a doubt the most beautiful song by the Olsen twins. 

2. David's Pizza - Whoever wrote this song, I salute you. 

3. Pizza Song - Cartoon Planet on Cartoon Network 

4. Pizza Power - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Totally necessary. 

5. Imagine There's No Pizza  - Herman Cain - Ok, yeah, this one is a little scary. 

6. We Like Pizza - Pizza Kids - Perfect for getting ready on a Saturday night. 

7. Where'd The Cheese Go  - Ween - This is Ween's failed Pizza Hut jingle (remember when Pizza Hut had that secret pizza with the cheese on the inside? Yeah, that one). 

                                             PIZZA IS PERFECT 

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(Videos: As Linked; GIF: m-th30ry)

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