Best Chewy Chocolate Cookies & Igniting Tap Water

Best Chewy Chocolate Cookies & Igniting Tap Water

Emma Christensen
Oct 22, 2010

These chewy chocolate cookies were one of the best things we made in the past year (and did we mention they're low-fat?). Also around this time a year ago, we had a fantastic round-up of tailgating recipes, a disturbing video of igniting tap water, and a discussion about getting rid of plastic wrap in the kitchen.

The posts pictured above are in bold below.

These chewy chocolate cookies need to be made - and eaten - to be believed.

A bold choice of wallpaper in the home kitchen of a New York baker.

• Tis the season for chapped hands. Here are a few ways to keep them soft.

Our five very favorite ways to eat artichokes.

• Marcella Hazen's no-stir polenta has changed the way we cook.

And some ideas for throwing a dinner party with polenta buffet!

These cookie scoops are a must-have tool for holiday baking.

A sunny mid-century kitchen remodel.

• How do you feel about getting rid of plastic wrap in your kitchen?

A warm fall recipe for spicy collard greens.

• Your essential guide to tailgating success.

• What happens when natural gas leaks into the water shed? Flammable tap water.

• A few tricks to help you know when your cake is finished baking.

How to choose the best mortar and pestle for your cooking needs.

• Jars of artichoke hearts are a pantry staple and come in quite handy for quick weeknight meals.

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