Mystery Gadget! Squeezy Handles and Spiky Ring

Suzy wrote to us looking for some information on this mysterious gadget. Do you know what it is?

Suzy says that she found it while researching vintage items for her Etsy store, Sparker Shop. It was so interesting she couldn't pass it up, but she also doesn't know what it is.

Well, we do have an answer for Suzy. It's a....

...Corn Cob Stripper!

• See an example here: Corn Cob Stripper

You stand the corn cob upright in a bowl, and slip the adjustable metal ring over its tip. Then you press down on the two yellow handles, and zip! The corn kernels are all skinned off.

Have you ever used one of these old-fashioned gadgets?

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(Image: Suzy)

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