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Q: The family is converging on my house for Christmas dinner. We have one vegan and one gluten-free eater. The other six of us are omnivores. Making things more difficult: the vegan doesn't eat mushrooms or peppers, and the gluten-free eater also doesn't like mushrooms. Help!

I'm planning to primarily serve dishes that the omnivores can eat (i.e. I'm not catering the whole meal to be gluten-free and vegan), but I want to provide at least two substantial gluten-free, vegan dishes without mushrooms or peppers that will serve as the main items those two people will eat. Help!

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Editor: I'd recommend something stuffed, like stuffed onions or stuffed squashes! Those are easy to adapt for different diets, and they feel just as perfectly festive and substantial for a holiday meal. Here are a few recipes to check out:

Readers, what dishes do you recommend?

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