Ways to Beautify Your Kitchen

The Fall 2009 Kitchen Cure

A small but important part of this week's Cure assignment is to add something to your kitchen that makes it more beautiful. This is not the moment for stripping off the 1970s wallpaper, rather, a little touch of color or life that makes being in your kitchen more enjoyable.

Since moving to our current apartment, I have not set up a kitchen altar but I finally put together a very simple one, inspired by Dana's post, On Kitchen Altars. It took less than five minutes to collect a photograph of the people I cook for most, a small wooden salt bowl for cut flowers, and a food offering. I lit a candle while I tested a recipe, which is for you dear readers, but the ones who eat it first are the cuties in the photo. It all went atop a rarely-used miniature cake stand that was destined for the outbox.

Nobody says it better than Dana:

As we navigate the enormous challenges of modern life, perhaps the most important thing is to be constantly asking and exploring the question 'what is the most important thing?' An altar can remind, affirm and encourage us to align with what is holding the center of our lives, helping us to discover our deepest intentions, our most fundamental values.

I only would add that it brings beauty and serenity to the kitchen.

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Here are some other ideas for beautifying:

What are you doing to beautify your kitchen? Tell us about it.

(Chalkboard fridge image by Chichi of My Chalkboard Fridge)

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