Escapes: Ice Cream for Dinner

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When we were young sometimes our family would lift our usual strict rules on food and eating for a special ice cream dinner. The basic food groups were thrown out and we'd exchange broccoli for banana slices, milk for whipped cream, and chicken for M&Ms and peanuts - all atop healthy kid-size servings of ice cream.

We thought this was normal - didn't every family do this on rare and special occasions? Apparently not, since we got some strange looks when we talked about it at school.

We obviously can't recommend this as a regular item in your meal rotation, but on a rare night you can't beat it for a way to cool off after a long, hot week of work and busyness. Get a good movie, pull out the ice cream, and try these - some recipes and tips for our favorite toppings:

Peach Sauce
Hot Fudge Sauce
Caramel Sauce
How to Stabilize Whipped Cream

What do you put on your ice cream, and have you ever had an ice cream dinner?

(Image credit: Wild Oats - Vegan Chocolate Sauce)

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