Make More Recipes From Actual Cookbooks

Reader Resolutions 2013

Name: Christina @ My Homespun Home
City: Chicago
2013 Kitchen Resolution: Make More Recipes From Actual Cookbooks

Here's what Christina says about her goal...

My resolution: This past year, I started a food blog and in the process have noticed how often I rely on other blogs and websites for my recipe inspirations, but I have so many cookbooks that I hardly ever use and that have plenty of excellent recipes. This year, I want to make at least one recipe a month from an actual cookbook I own — I have plenty to choose from, including some cool vintage ones (good thing I already have a "modern gas range"!)

Thanks, Christina! Readers, do you have any advice or suggestions for her?

(Image: Christinaa via The Kitchn's submission form)

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Reader Resolutions 2013

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