I Can't Stop Staring at These Gorgeous Glossy Cakes

I Can't Stop Staring at These Gorgeous Glossy Cakes

Kaitlin Flannery
May 13, 2016
(Image credit: @olganoskovaa)

I know, it kinda looks like a Roomba boogied its way into West Coast Customs and got "pimped" by Xzibit, but this pretty work of art isn't a fancy vacuum — it's a fancy cake. It's so fancy and so mysterious that I'm beginning to think I'll find the meaning of life hidden somewhere in all that glossy, glorious, goodness if I stare long enough.

The creator of these beauties is Olga Noskova, a baker from Russia. She shared these — and many more — on her Instagram account. Aren't they just delightful?

This one speaks to the MSU Spartan in me.

It's like a galaxy!

And this one is just gorgeous and swirly and wonderful.

This one reminds me of a perfect day at the beach.

Which one is your favorite? And how long do you think it will take before these get swept up in the rainbow fad?

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