How to Use Up Hard Boiled Eggs

The surplus of hard boiled eggs left after Easter weekend can feel like a blessing or a curse depending on your particular outlook on eggs and how long they've been lingering in your fridge! Here's a list of everything we can think of doing with leftover hard boiled eggs, including all the classics...1. Egg Salad Sandwich - It's a classic for a reason, after all! Once you're tired of your standard egg, mayo, and mustard combination, try adding curry powder, chili powder, or herbes de provence for a little twist. Chopped celery or spring onions can also add crunch and a refreshing flavor.

2. In Salads - Thinly sliced or diced hard boiled eggs really round out a leafy green salad, but also think about adding them to pasta salads or salads made with whole grains. If you have leftover ham, add that to the salad, too!

3. Deviled Eggs - Another classic and a great afternoon snack. If you don't want to use mayo to make the creamy filling, try yogurt or sour cream.

4. In a Breakfast Burrito - We normally used scrambled eggs in our breakfast burrito, but with so many hard boiled eggs leftover, we won't be choosy! Besides eggs, we add beans, rice, cheese, and fresh vegetables to our burritos. This is a great breakfast-for-dinner meal, too!

5. In a Stir-fry - Pad thai and fried rice are inspiration for this one! We like to chop the egg into fairly large pieces so they can stand up to the other ingredients. Add the egg at the very end of cooking or just fold it into the finished dish - you only need to warm the eggs through and any prolonged cooking will make them rubbery.

6. Pickled Eggs - You can make your own pickling solution by heating vinegar, water, a bit of sugar, and some spices. Pour this over the eggs while its still hot and store in an air-tight container in the fridge. You can also reuse old pickle juice for a quick brine! These aren't technically preserved, so they'll only last a week or two in the fridge.

7. With Wilted Greens - Hard boiled eggs pair very well with the slightly bitter flavor of winter greens. Cook a little garlic, wilt the greens down, and season them liberally with salt and hot sauce. Fold in the chopped eggs and cook just long enough so the eggs are heated through. This makes a great side dish.

How do you use up leftover hard boiled eggs?

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(Image: Flickr member mistaric licensed under Creative Commons)