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Soft-boiled eggs - how we love them! We've talked about gadgets that help us make flawless poached eggs - things like PoachPod Silicone Poachers, an electric Krups Egg Cooker, and a single egg poacher.

But these Eiko Egg Boilers, newly arrived at Vessel, may bypass all those poaching gadgets to be our favorite egg tool yet...

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These plastic egg boilers rest on the side of your pot, keeping the egg lowered into the water but still buffering it a little from the water for a gentler boil.

Then the egg can be transferred from pot to table - instant egg cup!

We love these - such a clever idea.

Eiko Egg Boilers, $19 for a set of four at Vessel. They come in a variety of colors, including transparent.

Matching egg spoons, $6 for a set of four

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
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