Peeling, Cutting, & Dicing: 20 Tips & Techniques for Fruit and Vegetable Prep

I'll admit that in my cooking lifetime I've been known to use a few, er, creative techniques to prep my fruits and veggies. (It's amazing I still have all my fingers!) If artichokes and pomegranates, mangos and squash get the better of your knife skills, then this post is for you. From how to peel a head of garlic in 10 seconds to how to cut a grapefruit, from the best way to dice an onion to the super easy way to peel ginger, these 20 tips and techniques will change the way you work with produce. Let the learning begin!

How to peel ginger with a spoon.
How to peel a head of garlic in 10 seconds.
How to peel squash.
How to peel hazelnuts.
How to peel shallots.
How to peel celery root.
How to peel roasted red peppers.
How to peel chestnuts.
How to peel an apple.
How to peel peaches.

How to cut a mango.
How to cut a grapefruit into segments.
How to cut a cauliflower.
How to cut and prepare artichoke hearts.
How to dice an avocado.
How to dice an onion.

How to core apples and pears.
How to core a head of iceberg lettuce.
How to open a durian fruit.
How to seed a pomegranate.

Do you have a tried-and-true method for fruit and veggie prep? Share your tips and techniques below!

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(Images: Top Row L-R: Elizabeth Passarella, Faith Durand; Middle Row L-R: Faith Durand, Kathryn Hill, Elizabeth Passarella; Bottom Row L-R: Faith Durand, Kathryn Hill, Emma Christensen)