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We've had quite a bit of focus on the kitchen floor lately, what with this gallery of painted floors and a look at painted floor cloths. Reader Jacqueline was inspired to send us her own kitchen floor solution. Take a peek at her kitchen floor before painting...
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Quite an improvement over the state of the kitchen floor before painting!

Jacqueline says: In response to painted kitchen floors:

We recently pulled up the self-stick tiles in our kitchen and painted the subfloor with a repeat pattern using exterior latex paint (a mistint from Lowes). It is part of our interim kitchen solution until we can fully renovate.

• See more of Jacqueline's kitchen floor solution at her blog: Longdraft

We love how the bright paint brightens up a dark kitchen, and the stencils are a great idea too. Have you ever painted a kitchen floor?

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(Images: Jacqueline via email)