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Great picks for cheap wine from Trader Joe's, a foolproof way to cook rice, a discussion of how you all clean your ovens, and how to frost a layer cake too. Read on for these posts and more from this week a year ago.

• How to slow-roast tomatoes and how to taste olive oil. Also, how to frost a layer cake.

• A kitchen with gorgeous cabinets.

Make your own mozzarella at home!

• Easy, healthy recipe: late summer lentil salad.

• Late summer fruit: Kyoho grapes, pluots, and Italian prune plums.

• How do you clean your oven?

• A better way to pour batter.

Wine picks from Trader Joe's in New York City.

• A rather handy tea-maker, for those of us who drink more tea than coffee.

• A foolproof method for cooking rice.

• Two recipes for early fall: melon bellinis, and a cipollini and mushroom tart.

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