The Art of Making a Cappuccino

The Art of Making a Cappuccino

Cambria Bold
May 29, 2012

The beauty of an espresso machine, gleaming in black, white, and silver — the perfect shot of espresso, the art of a cappuccino. If you're a fan of espresso and Intelligentsia coffee, you've got to watch this gorgeous little video. (You may even pick up a tip or two for home-brewed espresso.)

Tastemakers, an original web series for Intelligentsia Coffee by branded content studio D4D, profiles passionate individuals creating something beautiful and/or original. Their cappuccino video, shown above, is a beautifully shot look at how one professional makes cappuccino. You might not have the fancy espresso machine he has, but there are plenty of other tips—from how to tamp the espresso to properly frothing the milk—that home brewers can take away. Enjoy!

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(Video: D4D via Vimeo)

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