How To Grill Corn on the Cob

How To Grill Corn on the Cob

Meghan Splawn
Jul 8, 2016

There are as many ways to cook corn on the cob as there are cooks — boiled, roasted, even microwaved — yet summer isn't summer without sweet corn fresh from the grill. This seemingly simple task can be improved with two short steps.

Aw, Shuck

Yes, you can throw the whole corn cob, husks and all, directly on the grill. Some people swear by this technique, but sometimes the husk catch fire and burns the corn instead, and fighting silk off of the hot corn cobs before they can be buttered and devoured is not ideal. Instead, shuck the corn before throwing it on the grill.

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Indirect Heat for the Gold

Grilling the corn over indirect heat gives the corn ideal doneness (golden and still crisp), while also lending a delightful amount of char. Direct heat chars too much of the corn too quickly, resulting in burned or undercooked corn.

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The Brining Bonus

Brining corn is one way to ensure it stays plump and juicy on the grill. It also adds flavor on account of the salt, so you don't have to season it after it's cooked. While it's not necessary for grilled corn, the impact it makes on the overall flavor is worth the 30-minute soak.

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How To Grill Corn on the Cob

Makes 6 servings

What You Need

6 medium fresh ears of corn
Unsalted butter

Grill or grill pan


  1. Shuck the corn: If your corn still has husks, remove them and the silk from the corn, but keep as much of the stalk end attached as possible. (Tip: Keep an empty bag or bowl on hand to collect discarded husks and silk.)
  2. Prepare a grill: Heat an outdoor gas grill to medium or prepare a charcoal grill for indirect heat. A grill pan over medium heat will work as well.
  3. Grill the corn: Grill the corn uncovered until some the kernels are bright yellow and a few are charred, 2 to 3 minutes per side, for a total of 12 to 15 minutes.
  4. Cool before topping: Remove the corn from the grill and cool for 5 minutes. Spread with butter and sprinkle with salt.
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