Eggs! We love eggs. Here at the end of January, with short busy days, and little free time, we rely on eggs like nothing else. A poached egg on polenta; a fried egg on a salad; creamy scrambled eggs on toast — an egg adds delicious protein to any meal. Here's a roundup of all our egg tutorials and some of our best tips for choosing, cooking, and eating the incredible egg.

Some might say that eggs get a little over-exposed here, but we can't get enough of them! Here are eight tutorials and well-illustrated guides to working with eggs, along with some more tips and recipe roundups below.

Egg Tutorials

• 1 How To Poach an Egg: The Video
• 2 How To Make Creamy, Luscious Scrambled Eggs
• 3 How To Poach an Egg in the Microwave
• 4 How To Fry an Egg: The Video
• 5 How To Make a Soufflé

• 6 How To Make Sweet and Silky Crème Anglaise Sauce
• 7 How to Get the Eggshell Out of a Cracked Egg
• 8 Quick Tip: Use Salt To Help Clean Up Egg Spills

More Egg Tips

Kitchen Tip: Testing Eggs For Freshness
How to Separate an Egg
How Do You Break An Egg?
Basic Techniques: How to Fry an Egg
Dorm Living: How To Cook Eggs in the Microwave
Tip: Hard Boiling an Egg
Tip: Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs
How To Fry-Poach an Egg
How To: Fry An Egg the Spanish Way
What Is the Best Way To: Fry an Egg?

Recipe Ideas for Eggs

10 Ways to Eat an Egg Tonight
Un-Scrambled: More Ways to Eat an Egg
Top Five: Ways to Eat a Fried Egg
Dinner Solutions: Put an Egg on It

What's your favorite eggy recipe?

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