Leave it to Pinterest to give lunchtime a serious case of the crazy. From cartoon characters to elaborate cut-out designs, it's not just lunch -- it's art! It's entertainment! Check out 15 of the most creative lunches we culled from the bowels of Pinterest. (And we promise: you'll never look at sardines the same way again.)

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(Images: 1. Inspiration Green; 2. Kailo Chic; 3. My Bentolicious; 4. Cookie Cutter Lunch 5. Anna the Red; 6.Bentorrific; 7. Hemmy.net; 8. Find the Time; 9. Lunchbox Awesome; 10. Rabbit Can Cook; 11. Alphamom; 12. Icreatived; 13. Frolicking Nutriment; 14. Bentos and More for Kids; 15. Biting the Hand That Feeds You)