How Much Water Do You Drink Every Day?

For a long time I didn't drink much water. My husband was always nagging me to drink more, but I thought that I got plenty in my food, and I really thought that those water recommendations were absurdly inflated anyway.

Well, lately I have been drinking substantially more water, for various reasons, and I've been amazed at how different I feel — more alert, less hungry, and obviously less thirsty too, in this summer heat.

It made me wonder: How much water do you all drink? Are you gulpers, or sippers? Do you drink a glass or two a day, or lots more?

I know that there are differing sets of research on how much water our bodies actually need. Some research says that we only need a few glasses a day, and that the rest comes in food. Other research says that we need much more — up to and over 100 ounces per day.

As sort of an experiment, I have been drinking a little over 100 ounces each day, and I've felt rather different. I drink an entire 24 ounces in the mornings before I even eat or have coffee, and I have felt instantly alert in a way that is unusual for me!

So far I am really liking this new water regimen, and I plan on sticking with it for a while.

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