Ina Garten On: The Best Breakfast & Favorite Comfort Food

House Beautiful

Here's a fun set of videos from House Beautiful — an interview with Ina Garten, chopped into quick sound bites about some hot topics. We don't watch a lot of food videos online; it's hard to commit to watching one for 10 minutes or more! But we love these short, breezy sound clips of Ina talking with Stephen Drucker about her favorite comfort food, her favorite breakfast, and how she develops her recipes.

We were impressed (and a little staggered!) by her description of how many times she tests her recipes — it sounded like dozens and dozens!

Check out the videos — they are a fun way to spend just a few minutes.

How Ina Garten Creates Recipes
Ina Garten's Favorite Foods
Ina Garten's Advice About Menus

Do you have a favorite Ina Garten recipe?

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(Image: House Beautiful)

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