How Do You Feel About Le Creuset's New Two-Tone Dutch Ovens?

Faith's Daily Find 01.06.16

Le Creuset Signature Cast-Iron Oval Dutch Oven

• $360 for 6 3/4-quart

Le Creuset just released a new model of their classic Dutch oven exclusively at Williams-Sonoma, and it has a twist: a contrasting color scheme, with a white body and a red or blue lid. Something new for the brand — but how does it make you feel?

We had a range of mixed feelings about this style among our staff; Le Creuset does seem to bring out the emotions! We love the clean white of the base, but the contrasting lid felt a little too shocking to those of us who lean traditional when it comes to our iconic cookware preferences. Others didn't seem to mind, however, and the colors of those two lids are super juicy and bright.

What do you think? Is the contrasting two-tone effect a welcome change, with a nod to the nautical? Is it too surprising for you? Are you just yearning for a giant 7-quart Dutch oven, no matter what the color? We can get on board with that.

(Image credits: Williams-Sonoma)