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Now that we're into vacation season, it's time to start thinking about how to take food on the road. So we're wondering: what products do you rely on to help you pack and keep food for a trip? 

Do you love a certain brand of reusable snack bags or metal containers? Have a picnic basket or cooler you'd never be without? Maybe you just pack and stack a few mason jars, or throw a couple Ziploc bags into a backpack. Whatever your traveling style is — plane rides cross country, long road trips, short weekend jaunts  to the lake — we want to know your tried-and-true tips for packing food for traveling! Tell us all below.

(Images, clockwise from top left: 1. Faith Durand; 2. Anjali Prasertong; 3. Kids Konserve; 4. Kimberly Hasselbrink/The Year in Food via this post)