What Is the Best Way to Store and Preserve Cheese?

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Q: We often get different types of cheeses to have with wine, but we always seem to end up throwing away leftover cheese because it becomes hard in the refrigerator. It feels awful to keep throwing out these expensive and yummy cheeses.

Any tips on how to store these, especially the ones that are packed in cellophane kind of plastic?

Sent by Archana

Editor: Archana, yes, we do have some good tips on this! You should always take cheese out of plastic immediately, as it creates a funny taste and doesn't allow the cheese to breathe. Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to take care of your cheese when you bring it home:

How to Store Cheese: What To Do When You Get It Home

Also, even if cheese does get a little hard and crusty around the edges, you can just cut those bits off and enjoy the rest of the cheese. Cheese rarely spoils all the way through; it's very long-lived!

Readers, any other tips for Archana?

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