How Do I Cook a Wild Turkey?

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Q: It's my first time to host Thanksgiving, and it's for the in-laws. My husband is a hunter, and now we have a fresh turkey. A wild turkey. I have no idea how to cook it! It's smaller than your normal Butterball, and I'm worried about it drying out. It's in the freezer. How do I cook this so we can have a traditional Thanksgiving for my uber-conservative/traditional in-laws?

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Editor: Tanner, wow! Wild turkey sounds delicious. We have a hunch it's going to have a lot more flavor. If you are scared of roasting it, why not try a braised turkey recipe? You still have the white meat and the breast to slice in a lovely way, but you also have rich, intense dark meat braised and moist. It's foolproof!

Recipe Review: Mark Bittman's Braised Turkey

Readers, any suggestions for Tanner and her wild turkey?


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