How Did Thanksgiving Go for You? Share Your Thanksgiving Dinner Reports!

The turkey has been roasted and carved, the stuffing baked, and the pies devoured (well, all but the piece you saved for breakfast, presumably!). How did your Thanksgiving dinner go? Did you attempt something new this year? What did you cook? We'd love to hear about it! In my family, something new happened...

Pin it button big second-youngest brother, just 21 years old, decided to take on the turkey! And delightfully, it was the moistest, most delicately-textured turkey I have ever eaten. A triumph! His fiancé brought a stack of scrumptious pies, and the rest of us pitched in to cook a cozy, traditional Thanksgiving — in spite of the fact that I'm moving houses this week, and we were all getting together in my parents' new and not-quite-finished kitchen. The tastes and rhythms of that classic dinner were truly comforting this week, in the middle of what has been a chaotic time for many of us.

What about you? Did you host Thanksgiving this year? Or did you take your cooking on the road? We'd love to hear any Thanksgiving reports you have to share!

(Images: Faith Durand)

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