How Can I Use My Cheese Rinds?
Good Questions

How Can I Use My Cheese Rinds?
Good Questions

Faith Durand
Sep 24, 2009

Q: Every week at the grocery store, I see cheese rinds (mostly of parmesan cheese) available for purchase. It also seems like a waste throwing my own rinds away.

I've watched Food TV shows that say these are good to keep for use in soups and stews, but have never come across a recipe that calls for them. Do you have any good uses or ideas?

Sent by Allison

Editor: Allison, absolutely! You can do some lovely things with those cheese rinds. Here are two posts that go more in depth:

Quick Tip: Flavor Soups with Cheese Rinds
Quick Tip: Make Cheese Rind Stock!

Readers, do you have other good ideas for Allison's cheese rinds?

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(Image: Emma Christensen for the Kitchn)

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