How Can I Use Lots and Lots of Fresh Oregano?

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Q: The weather here in Seattle has warmed considerably over the past few weeks and my oregano is in heaven. Only problem is that it's now taking over my garden quicker than I can use it.

Aside from tossing it in pasta sauce or drying it for later use, what are some good ways to use my hearty crop of oregano?

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Editor: Rachele, I have the exact same "problem" right now! As you can see, my oregano has overrun one of my herb boxes. I have been planning on using quite a lot of it in pesto. Here are a few oregano pesto recipes:

Oregano / Hazelnut Pesto - At Stephen Cooks
Basil and Oregano Pesto with Walnuts - At Cook Italian.
Oregano "Pesto" - At Food With Kid Appeal.

Readers, how would you use up an excess of oregano?

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