How Can I Quickly Use 6 Gallons of Chicken Stock?

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Q: I recently received a wonderful, generous gift of homemade vegetable and chicken stock. The only downside: It was almost six gallons, in frozen cubes. It's just me and my partner in our apartment, and we are strapped for freezer and fridge space.

Any ideas how to use it up? It's too hot for soup — we're out of ideas!

Sent by Taylor

Editor: Taylor, I have two ideas for you.

First one: Thaw the broth and refreeze it in plastic freezer bags that can lay flat on the floor of your freezer, or stand on their ends in the back. These will take up far less room and may allow you to keep the stock for later.

Second idea: Thaw at least some of the stock and reduce it down by half, and then half again, until you have a thick, deeply flavorful liquid. Then use a flour roux to thicken it into a sauce for a pasta dish or baked casserole. See this wild mushroom sauce for an example of this kind of sauce.

Perhaps a combination of both of these ideas would work?

Readers, any ideas for Taylor's windfall of chicken stock?


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