How Can I Put Smashed Cupcakes to Good Use?

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Q: I just made these delicious Chocolate Almond Cupcakes from Epicurious. They are scrumptious, but six of my 24 cupcakes fell apart when I tried to unmold them.  

I regularly use crumb-y cookies to make cheesecake crust, but does anyone have any good ideas for using smashed cupcakes (aside from eating them)?

Sent by Amy

Editor: Wow that recipe does indeed look scrumptious, Amy!

Chocolate-Almond Cupcakes with Fluffy Coconut Frosting

We are pretty non-discriminating when it comes to cupcakes; we would probably eat them out of hand. But you could also save the crumbs and use them to make cake pops!

Readers, any exciting ideas for smashed cupcakes?

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