How Can I Organize a Deep Pantry Better?

How Can I Organize a Deep Pantry Better?

Faith Durand
May 6, 2010

Q: I have a floor to ceiling cabinet that I am currently using as my pantry. It's not as useful as it could be because it's very deep and things get lost back there.

The problem is, ready-made pantry pull out bins aren't as deep as the cabinet. Any tips on how to make my own?

Sent by Chryss

Editor: Chryss, you could also just use clear acrylic bins or boxes to hold bags of pasta and other pantry staples; we do this, and it makes it easier to just pull up a box than scrabble in the back for miscellaneous bags. Also, you could store less-used appliances or servingware in the back of the cabinet, and use these undershelf baskets to really pack the fronts full of your food supplies.

Readers, any tips for Chryss?

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(Image: Brylane Home)

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