How Can I Make IKEA's Rye Bread from Scratch?

How Can I Make IKEA's Rye Bread from Scratch?

Faith Durand
Aug 30, 2010

Q: I recently bought the Finax Swedish rye bread (rågbröd) mix in a quart milk carton from IKEA and tried it out, not expecting much. However, I loved it and can't figure out how to recreate it at home!

It must be easy — can you help? Otherwise it's back to IKEA to stock up.

Sent by Chana

Editor: We have never tried this, so we don't have any specific tips for Chana, other than to check the ingredient list and to check that against any recipes you find. Also, check out this group of IKEA rye bread fans at Facebook!

Readers, any rye bread recipes or tips for Chana?

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(Image: IKEA)

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